Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Sally" Ear Hat

Making a "Sally" ear hat from a plain Mickey ear hat

One of my favorite characters is Sally, from Nightmare Before Christmas. I knew Disney would probably never make an ear hat for Sally, so I decided to create my own. I intended the hat to make you think of the character by using notable features of the character, instead of trying to recreate the character on the hat. I made this Sally hat in early 2011. People keep asking me to make them and sell them on etsy, but I like that mine is unique.

I mixed acrylic paint into a color resembling Sally's skin. I painted the ears with several coats, allowing complete drying between coats. Once coverage was complete, I used black paint and a fine brush to create "stitches" on the ears.  Last, I used a clear coat spray to seal the paint and make the ears shiny.

Next, I cut strips of fabric and sewed them in a patchwork over the head portion. Also, using felt, cut circles and sew them down onto different patches so it looks more like Sally's dress.

Next, using yarn seaprated into individual strands, I sewed "stitches" onto the hat.

Finally, using thin binding tape, finish the edge of the hat. Stitch the binding tape down.

Ear hats usually come with an elastic strap that goes under the chin. I cut that off and secure the hat with bobby pins instead so it doesn't fall off.

Here is the final product:

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