Friday, April 6, 2012

Winnie the Pooh's Rabbit Ear Hat

As in the previous post with the Sally ear hat, here I made a Rabbit ear hat!

Front and back

You start with a plain black Mickey ear hat. Paint the ears with craft paint, letting dry completely between coats until no black is visible and it looks smooth.  Spray with clear laquer.

Using fleece material, cover ear hat and sew down. Make ears by sketching out ear shape on fabric, sewing front sides together, leaving a little room to turn it right side out.  Hand sew ears onto hat.

Sew puff ball onto the back for a fluffy tail, and use white felt for a tummy. Use yellow yarn for hair tuft on top, separating strands and brusing with a stiff-bristled brus so it becomes fluffy and doesn't look like yarn.

Stitch eyebrows onto the front for the last Rabbity touch.

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