Friday, June 6, 2014

Dobby's Sock Keeper

In my house, we love all things Harry Potter. We also seem to have a dryer gremlin that eats one sock from a pair. I would stack the socks on top of the dryer and either someone (or the cat) would come along and knock the socks down behind the dryer.

We had a bright idea to make a Dobby sock holder! It's really easy to make.

1 pine wood plaque (from Michael's)
5 regular clothespins
2 wooden dowell toppers to use as knobs
Black craft paint
Gold craft paint

Glue "knobs" onto plaque. Paint the plaque. Paint the clothespins.  Figure out what kind of lettering you want to use. Paint on the letters in gold. Paint a lightning bolt onto one clothespin if you want. Wrap long length of twine around the knob and secure with double knot. Run one end of the twine through the spring of a clothespin. Make a figure 8 around the clothespin and run the twine back through the spring to secure it in place. Secure the rest of the clothespins in the same way. Tie off the end of the twine to the other knob. Cut excess twine from knots. I hung it on the wall in my laundry room with those sticky foam squares.

This took very little time and is a really cute piece of functional art for the Harry Potter fan! And if the second sock doesn't turn up, free a house elf with the spare. S.P.E.W.!!!

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